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Saturday, November 08, 2008

"I narrowed my eyes and poured a stiff Manhattan....."

150 years ago, officers in the Indian Army had to take copious and regular quantities of the compound pictured above in order to combat malaria. It is quinine, and it tastes pretty disgusting. However, the resourceful army types discovered that the addition of gin greatly improved its palatability (not a bad general rule, actually.....) and thus created the embryonic gin and tonic. The G&T truly burst onto the world drinking stage when they came home to London and brought their demand for G&Ts with them, iced of course as they had been to combat the Indian heat.. Result: the world's first cocktail (apparently just ahead of the martini).

Personally I feel the cocktail came of age when they invented the Manhattan in the 1860s or early 1870s. My first Manhattan was in a hotel in Aviemore around 25 years ago, while my manager and I consumed so many of them in the bar of the Imperial Hotel in Delhi while working there for Xansa in 2001 that we unofficially named our project "The Manhattan Project". I can announce that in the country which gave birth to the cocktail they make a mean Manhattan. (No link to the Imperial, however, as their website is currently infested with inescapable pop-ups that attempt to download "anti-spyware" stuff into your machine. Uh-huh.)

Now who will be first to identify the title line?


At 08 November, 2008 21:40, Anonymous Phil said...

"And then I saw... Hotsie."

(Too easy!)

At 08 November, 2008 21:42, Blogger Rob said...

Somehow I knew it would be you, Phil.


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