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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Entartete Musik - Enough Already!

Sorry. I will get off this subject. It's just that I found a really good piece by Matthew Norman from the Independent about Gary Glitter. The fact that it was written back in August, before the current furire inno way lessens its relevance. For example:

The justice systems of Britain and Vietnam have had their say, and Mr Glitter will continue to be punished by deprivations more agonising than that of his liberty. Irrevocably established as one of the age's leading grotesques, his life has been as destroyed as any could be short of death. One appreciates what a boon his release is for newspapers and phone-ins denied their sovereign right to torment Jade Goody by the diagnosis of cervical cancer, but even a New Labour home secretary should have the capacity to understand that released convicts retain the human rights to privacy – sex offenders register notwithstanding – and security.

If and when Gary Glitter's bizarrely Kafkaesque circuit of oriental airports concludes and he is back again, he is legally and morally entitled to precisely the same degree of protection as his potential victims here and elsewhere. What he must not be permitted to become is a human sacrifice for the benefit of our more cynically hysterical shock jocks and red top editors.

Read the whole thing here.


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