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Friday, November 21, 2008

Ecky Thump

There seems to be much hilarity around over the female astronaut who lost her tool bag (=handbag...geddit?) while on a space walk repairing a bit of the International Space Station. As a man who has carried a handbag for thirty years or so, I can't say I'm ROFLing myself, but hey, it's a free country.

I find the handbag really practical. My current one needs replacing as it's getting rubbed into holes, and whenever I do so I find I have to rethink where everything goes (and sometimes just carry less stuff which is boring). Come on: I carry a personal organiser, two mobile phones (personal and work), cash, cards, a calculator, Swiss army knife, torch, car keys (2 sets) house keys (2 sets), pens, and pass to get into my workplace. try keeping track of that lot in pockets.

Though it is great when someone needs, say, a pair of pliers and I whip out the Swiss Army knife and get to say "I bet you always wondered what we men kept in our handbags".

An aside: my first handbag was a small one with a wrist strap rather than the shoulder strap that is pretty much standard now. Back in the late 70s men in Britain with handbags attracted comment (even though we're still not numerous we're no longer the subject of pointing and giggling). Anticipating a chorus of "Oooh, dearie, hit me with your handbag", I did what any self-respecting male handbag-wearer would. For the first few weeks I reduced my useful payload and replaced much of it with a lead block nicked from a physics lab. Yes, the comment was made. And yes I did. Oh how we laughed.