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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ugly news from an ugly place

Remember Creepy Cinnamon Stillwell and her obsession with "jihadis", by which she meant anyone committing a violent crime who happened to be a Muslim?

Well, given the appalling state of Arab-Jewish relations in Israel (of which more anon) it's hardly surprising to find the same attitudes there. At first sight, an East Jerusalem Arab hitting fifteen Israeli soldiers in West Jerusalem with his car, injuring two of them seriously, is a fair contender for a terrorist attack. (Though, aren't we always being told that the difference between Palestinian terrorists and the incredibly "moral" IDF is that the former target civilians while the latter supposedly don't? So if a Palestinian deliberately attacks Israeli soldiers instead of civilians, doesn't that mean he can't be a terrorist?) A little examination of the evidence shows however that (a) the driver didn't have a license (b) he lost control of the vehicle and hit a traffic island before mounting the pavement and hitting the soldiers, who were waiting to cross the road, before finally hitting a wall (c) the 19-year-old driver was upset at having had a proposal of marriage turned down. Now it sounds much more like an enraged and upset teenager grabbing his Dad's car, which he doesn't know how to drive, and heading off with unknown intent (kill himself? kill the girl? kill anyone who got in his way? drive around until he ran out of petrol? pick up a hooker?) The soldiers would seem to have been unlucky: he could as easily have ploughed into a bunch of Palestinian kids. Nobody intentionally attacks people by bouncing off a traffic island into them.

The guy clearly deserved to spend a good while in jail, pondering his good fortune that nobody was killed in his crazy escapade. However, that didn't happen for the same reason that we don't know exactly what he planned, which is that someone was in fact killed in his escapade: him. His vehicle had come to a halt, he was unarmed and was making no attempt to flee or to threaten anyone, but the Israeli police simply shot him dead as obviously being a terrorist (you know, from East Jerusalem, looks Arab and has just hurt some Jews). So there you have it: summary execution for reckless driving while being an Arab. Let's remember that none of the soldiers ded, and only two were seriosuly hurt. That's two too many to be mown down by a moron, but no justification for murder. And certainly not for Ehud Barak's suggestion of a pogrom (Ehud Barak, Israel's defence minister, called for the home of the attacker to be "destroyed as soon as possible" in order to dissuade others from carrying out similar acts. The practice of destroying Palestinian attackers homes was halted several years ago after an Israeli supreme court justice ruled it did not deter attackers. The practice of destroying Palestinian attackers' homes was halted several years ago after an Israeli supreme court justice ruled it did not deter attackers.)

Was the Israeli police man perhaps suffering from Sudden Cowardly Murder Syndrome? And Ehud Barak, was he under the influence of Sudden Zionist Ethnic Cleansing Syndrome? Maybe one should just blame the effects of living on a country where they may have the vote but where its value is minimised by the constitutional provision that bans parties from the Knesset which wish to have a political system where the country is not run solely by the Jews for the Jews. A country where every week in that Knesset there are calls for Israel's Arabs to be ethnically cleansed. Where the purchase of land in large areas of the country is permitted for Jews only. Where if an Arab strays into a Jewish area his car is stoned and he has to flee for his life before being eventually placed under house arrest as the Jewish community launches a pogrom with the connivance of the authorities. Where mayoral candidate Rina Greenberg in Carmiel can openly call for apartheid:

"Carmiel," she says, "is different from Acre, which has always been defined as an ethnically mixed city. There is no need for Carmiel to become a mixed city. We can have harmonious relations with the Arabs, but the Arab and Jewish communities must live separately." Haaretz, 17/10/2008

Where Palestinian farmers trying to harvest their crops are assaulted by illegal Israeli settlers who also attack journalists, and where the police come, take no action against the "settlers" but ban the farmers from continuing with their harvest.

No wonder the Jews of "evil" "anti-Semitic" Iran wouldn't move to Israel if you paid them (which Israel tried to do, so desperate is the Israeli government to try to retain a Jewish majority and stave off the day when the Arabs whose basic human right it denies become a majority and all pretence that this squalid little theocracy is in some miraculous way "democratic" becomes utterly untenable.


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