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Friday, October 24, 2008

To stroboscopy and beyond

Everyone I know who went to the Disney/Pixar exhibition last year (which is basically all my Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra colleagues) reckoned the best exhibit by far was the amazing Toy Story zoetrope. A classic zoetrope has pictures printed on the inside of a cylinder with sits cut into it, so when the cylinder is spun and you look at it you see the picture spring into animated life. The Pixar one is three-dimensional, and seen at rest it looks like a confection of multiple models of the Toy Story characters. As it's spun up to speed and the strobe lighting kicks in, though, suddenly you just see an animated tableau taking place in the space where this great metal wedding cake had been (the thing is about the width of a 3-seat couch).

I haven't been able to review the video owing to bandwidth restrictions on my dial-up link, but if it shows up look out for the wonderful little bit near the front with the see-saw and the holes on the ground.


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