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Saturday, October 18, 2008

They also serve who only stand and wear a badge

Re my post on the civil rights protest at the Mexico Olympics, I have since found a very good piece on the guy in the picture who isn't black and isn't saluting - indeed who isn't even American - but whose career was still ruined as a result. Ladies and gentlemen, in Silver Medal position, I give you Peter Norman.

And let's remember that while the USA has got over its shock to the extent of erecting a statue to Smith and Carlos at San Jose State University, Australia not only banned Norman from taking part in the Munich Olympics (the only ones ever without an Australian sprinter) but couldn't even see fit to allow one of their greatest athletes (still the Australian 200m record holder today) to take a lap of honour with the other "great Australians" at the Sydney Olympics. So this story shouldn't really come as a surprise then.


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