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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Still scared of the wrong bogey-men

I thought it was time to update the figures from this post on the incidence of terrorism across Europe. So how does it look for 2007?

Here's the Europol report. Are you ready for this?

Terrorist incidents went up to 583, a 24% increase. Of these, 517 were carried out by separatist groups on Spain and France.

Across the whole of Europe, two people were killed in terrorist attacks (both in the same one carried out by the Basque separatist group ETA).

And once again, how many attacks by Islamic terrorists? Four, all unsuccessful. Half were in Britain with the other two in Denmark and Germany.

So that's a 33% increase in failed attacks, and no increase at all over the whopping nil from 2006 for successful ones, or for people harmed by Islamic terrorism.

Now look at this report. In Britain alone last year there were 587 fatal injuries at work. that's more people killed, just in Britain, than there were terrorist attacks of all kinds in the whole of Europe. More British members of the public died in agricultural accidents than died in terror attacks in the whole of Europe. Yet the likes of the Daily Mail complain that we're needlessly obsessed with health and safety regulations at the same time as they call for more Islamophobic racism and more restrictions on human rights in the name of the "war" on "terror".

As a point of information for Phillips and her cronies: last year a contractor working in England at one of my employer's sites was working on a ladder, sent the lad minding the bottom of it to fetch something, reached too far sideways, and fell to his death. I have, however, had no reports of an Islamic terrorist attack on any of our sites, not ever. Islamophobic abuse by callers to our call centres, yes.


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