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Friday, October 24, 2008

Sometimes it's hard to be a Luddite....

....or at least that's how i feel. I've just been tagged by Persephone to do her Fourth of Fourth meme, where the idea is that i go into my pictures folder, find the fourth folder in there and publish the fourth picture from it.

Only problem is that as I don't own a digital camera all the pictures I have are downloads, and I had a major clearout of those only a few days ago. (The Saunders family digital camera is Hilary's toy and she put the pictures onto her laptop and thence to CD.) So right now I have only one folder in there. So I could do Fourth of First, or maybe First of First. Only two problems now: one is that both the pictures concerned are very large (4-5 Mb) and I'll need to reduce that to get them onto the blog. Also, they're both copyright material and I can't find my details of the copyright holder (I probably have it back home, or could get it by asking someone else). So you'll all just have to wait. (Update: photograph by Sandy Young www.scottishphotographer.com. Used by permission.)

Ah, screw it, here is the fourth one.

It's a picture of Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra taken at an evening celebrating Disney and Pixar which the National Museum of Scotland put on (as a tie-in with a big exhibition they had). We were playing a selection of film music, some of it Disney-related, some not, and on this occasion we were conducted by Edinburgh Light Orchestra's James Beyer. You can see his back through the fountain. We were playing in the massive main hall of the museum: this one was evidently taken in between pieces. I'm clearly visible in the front row, left of the fountain, looking at my music. Half visible to the left of me (you can see all of her violin but only half a face) is the lovely Emma, leader of the second violins and my quartet-playing buddy.

I should probably tag someone else, so how about it Chip? and Joe?


At 24 October, 2008 14:22, Blogger Persephone said...

As a fellow-Luddite, I sincerely sympathize. I can't participate in memes involving "shuffling your IPod" or the "next three songs on your MP3 player" because I own neither. Nor do I own or operate a car or a mobile phone, so those kind of memes are out. Oh yes, and any hairstyle memes, because I've been to a hairdresser exactly once.

At first glance at your photo, I thought a leak had sprung somewhere; you seemed to have a "here we go again" look on your face. Looks like a lovely venue. I trust the fountain wasn't too loud?

At 24 October, 2008 16:33, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

I think it about time you advance further into the digital age and get a camera. Keep it in your pocket and take photos of everything. Support the hard drive makers of the world.

At 24 October, 2008 21:57, Blogger Rob said...

Peresphone - no, the fountain was fine. We were pretty loud at times though (we did a selection from The Empire Strikes Back that definitely attracted the attention of exhibition-goers). My expression may have been connected to what we were playing or could have been anything really. I was pretty knackered before we started playing, as because of complicated circumstances I ended up having to
move our percussion instruments about 200m (including across a busy road junction) single-handed. The small stuff I loaded into my car, but yes, I did have to shift a set of timpani and a xylophone on foot. You get funny looks waiting for the green man at a crossing when pushing a kettledrum.

I'm afraid I have both a car and a cellphone (though the latter is playing up at present). You can guess how much hairstyling I use by reference to the picture.....

Joe - I am actually contemplating getting a digital camera. I doubt it will ever displace my trusty Pentax MX from pole position as my camera of choice: the MX will carry on taking pictures when all its electrics have stopped working, as the only thing they power is the metering, and one can take a spread of pictures with different exposures to make up for that. And its ergonomics are awesome. But less useful for blogging than its digital buddies.


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