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Monday, October 20, 2008

Scary Americans

JoeInVegas recently commented

We've started to get the automated phone calls from the McCain campaign that really hit on Obama and his terrorist background, warning us the country will fall apart if he gets elected. And some people really believe this stuff.

Huh! that's nothing. Some people in the USA believe this stuff.

Because, well, it's obvious that a doll promoting Islam would say "Satan is King" because all these Muslims know they're really Satanists at heart, right? Though as one of the commenters on this story says, the important thing is whether if you play it backwards it says "Paul is dead"….


At 23 October, 2008 11:31, Blogger Chip Michael said...

the doll story is sad, sad that people would go so far to believe a toy maker would even consider such a message.


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