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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

No, really, how can one not love a country that names its legislative assembly after the act of playing hide-the-sausage ?

I discovered today that I have not in fact been selected for redundancy in the current round of divisional restructuring by my employer HBOS. Which isn't to say that I won't be when Lloyds TSB take us over (I'm still assuming they will, as the alternative is too unpleasant to contemplate, as well as highly unlikely). I doubt the Angel of the Sack will be calling me for some time yet though.

So the deliberations of the US House of Representatives are more than usually irritating right now (saved from redundancy for the US Congress to piss on our economy: gee, thanks).

Hence the pleasure with which I read this. One of the Daily Mash's better efforts, I thought.