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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Meanwhile, elsewhere in government.....

.... the House of Lords has resoundingly thrown out the government's completely unjustifiable proposal to allow it to lock us up without charge or trial for six weeks. As we already have (at four weeks) one of the longest periods of detention without charge in the suppposedly "free" world (think of it as being thrown in jail without anyone having to explain why, to you or anyone else) their Lordships found it difficult to understand why the government was so scared of the rule of law that it needed 50% more time when the law could not be used to defend its citizens.

The Home Secretary made a typically crass remark (worthy of the Blair himself): "I deeply regret that some have been prepared to ignore the terrorist threat, for fear of taking a tough but necessary decision." What she ignores is that (a) the Lords made the "tough but necessary decision" in view of the fact that (b) the "terrorist threat" is the same as it ever was, so why does the government suddenly need more power to oppress its citizens?

Amnesty International made a great little film on the subject with a soundtrack by The Orb and a voiceover by Christopher Eccleston. It's maybe a little early to relax our vigilance, but definitely today is a day to celebrate.

On the other hand....

...the same idiotic Home Secretary has decided to listen to Chief Constables (and we know how sensible they are) rather than the government's own professional advisers (The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs) when it comes to sentencing policy on cannabis. So much for freeing up police resources to concentrate on heroin and cocaine. Maybe the ACPO found that the heroin and cocaine dealers gave better bribes. I imagine the coppers' actual knowledge of illegal drugs is on a par with that of the prison officers at Manchester's Strangeways Prison in the early 1980s, who on finding a small quantity of cannabis in a cell immediately began a search for the syringe the prisoner must have had to go with it.