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Sunday, October 26, 2008

It was pity that stayed his hand. Pity, and mercy: not to strike without need.

Remember how last week I posted about Troy Davis who was on death row in Georgia for a crime he almost certainly did not commit? well, I've just received an email from Amnesty International as follows:

Last night Amnesty International held a Global Day of Action for Troy Davis. Today, three days before the scheduled execution, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals granted a stay!

Dear Rob,

I am delighted to share some good news with you! Troy Davis received a stay of execution based on a new last-minute appeal filed this past Wednesday to the federal appeals court in Atlanta. As a result, he will not be executed on Monday, October 27th, as originally scheduled.

Your action has succeeded in putting a spotlight on Troy's case worldwide and bringing about this victory. At least 300,000 individuals have written letters in support of Troy. Additionally, prominent leaders such as former President Jimmy Carter, the Pope, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu have all called for justice in this case.

Yesterday, Amnesty International organized a Global Day of Action in which hundreds of activists in dozens of countries around the world came together to stand in solidarity for Troy. From Atlanta to Seattle, New York to Paris and Milan– hundreds of supporters gathered at rallies wearing T-shirts and holding signs that read "I am Troy Davis." On Wednesday, the European Legislature issued a statement calling for Troy's execution to be halted.

While we pause to celebrate this good news, we cannot forget that Troy still faces the very real possibility of execution—despite the fact that no physical evidence tied him to the 1989 murder of a police officer in Savannah, GA, and that 7 of the 9 eyewitnesses have since recanted their testimony.

This case has taken many twists and turns. On September 12th, the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles denied clemency for Troy Anthony Davis, and scheduled his execution for September 23rd. The U.S. Supreme Court stayed Davis' execution just hours before it was scheduled to take place. But in deciding not to hear his case, the court lifted its stay and a new execution date was set for Monday, October 27th.

We now await the decision of the federal appeals court, which will determine whether Troy's case warrants a new hearing. We believe their ruling could happen at any time during the next month.

I want to thank you again for playing such an essential part in Amnesty International's efforts to bring justice for Troy Davis. That's why I hope you'll take a minute right now to join Amnesty International and help us keep up this fight.

To stay informed about Troy Davis' case and to find out how to take additional actions, please visit www.amnestyusa.org/troydavis

In solidarity,

Sue Gunawardena-Vaughn
Director, Death Penalty Abolition Campaign
Amnesty International USA

Huge thanks from me to any of any EKN visitors who added their names to the petition for clemency. To the rest - it's not too late. Troy Davis has only been granted a stay, not a pardon, so his life is still under threat. So please pop over to the Amnesty site and spend what could be the most worthwhile two minutes you'll spend all day.


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