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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In which even I am surprised by the extent of Israeli treachery

Here, courtesy of al-Jazeera, is a near-perfect summary of the situation vis-a-vis Israel and the United Nations. It has always seemed strange to me that a nation which owes its entire existence to the United Nations should be so contemptuous of it. In recent years it could be said to have taken its cue from the USA, which showed its own utter contempt for the UN not only by its illegal invasion of Iraq but also by its (fortunately brief) appointment of John Bolton as its ambassador to the UN.

Joe in Vegas frequently comments on my posts to the effect that I'm posting stuff that was never widely reported in the States. Well, while we all know in the UK that Israel has since 1967 been ignoring UN resolutions telling it to get the hell out of its illegally-held territorial conquests, I certainly had never seen it reported here that Israel had not even bothered to abide by the conditions of its original establishment (specifically resolution 194 regarding the return of refugees). I must say that it takes a fair amount to surprise me concerning either Israel's dismissive attitude to the agreements it signs, or the disinclination of the pro-Israel British media (headed of course by the disgracefully biased BBC) to report on anything not utterly in line with the view from Tel Aviv. But that revelation managed it.


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