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Saturday, October 04, 2008

In this style: 9/11

Just been catching up on Joe's blog. He posted a great video clip of an NBC editorial on the topic of 9/11, and especially the way it has been hijacked by both the Bush administration and the McCain campaign for their own political ends.

While I suspect I make my own irritation at 9/11 fetishism fairly plain each year, the fact is that if the Republicans ever shut up about it for a single moment the anniversary of the day itself might evolve into a decent and dignified commemoration. As it is, 11th September each year is nothing more than a renewed opportunity to sound the "9/11" "9/11" "9/11" klaxon. Worse still, we get it over here from imbecile neocons like Melanie Phillips (and of course Tony Blair) who are forever telling us that "9/11 changed everything" when in Britain it did nothing of the kind, unless you were a politician planning to take cynical advantage of it, as of course Blair did.

As an aside, would it not be wonderful if some cartoonist could do George Bush as the Mad Hatter in Tenniel's illustration for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland? Not just because Bush is as mad as a hatter, but because the ticket in his hat would read (of course) "9/11"

Anyway, by way of restoring my faith in intelligent Americans' ability to see through the droning drivel of "9/11" as well as through Rudy Giuliani's supposed heroics, here is that editorial by Keith Olbermann. I hadn't heard of him before but he sounds an interesting guy and certainly lays it on the line for Bush, Giuliani and McCain.


At 06 October, 2008 17:46, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

He has his own show on the new channel that my wife likes. He does marvelous editorial discussions like this periodically, and most of them are brilliant. He's a great writer when he gets mad, and a good presenter.


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