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Monday, October 20, 2008

I spy hypocrisy

Wouldn't it be heartening if those who constantly speak out against Islamic persecution of homosexuals came charging to the defence of gays in India? After all, in India, homosexuality is punishable with life imprisonment.

Of course, that would require that their own dubious attitudes towards gays be confronted - so it will never happen. The fact is, these people hate gays only slightly less than they hate Muslims, so why would they waste their time on non-Muslim gays in a distant country where the people talk funny and have brown skins?

As often happens (not only in India) the Supreme Court takes a more sensible - and logical - view on the matter than the government so one can be hopeful. But where is the outcry that we would be hearing if such as case were taking place in Pakistan?

An interesting comment on homosexuality in India here from an Indian blogger, illustrated by Hindu temple sculptures showing homosexual acts. Mind you, Indian temple sculptures show some funny things. (I always liked the woman in the background covering her face in an Oh-for-fuck's-sake manner in that one.)