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Monday, October 13, 2008

Definitely living in interesting times

Having begun my full-time working life as a civil servant before moving into banking, it seems a little weird that I shall soon be working in a company almost half owned by the British government. Still, better than the alternatives, I feel: certainly as far as people's jobs are concerned (my own included). The government's plan shows an uncharacteristic degree of imagination and boldness: not qualities one normally associates with either Gordon Brown or Alistair Darling.

(Incidentally, why does the BBC's headline describe our share price as falling despite the government's plan when the second and third paragraphs of the report correctly explain that the fall is a natural result of it? Is reality not dramatic enough for the headine writer?)

And it could be much worse: I could live in Iceland, where the entire economy had a worse capital ratio than my employer ever did. As someone on The News Quiz remarked last week, the country's only been independent since 1944 and its economy has already been run into the ground.


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