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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Citius, albius, fortius

I liked this article in today's Guardian, which reminded me not only of David Hemery's outstanding achievement in Mexico for Britain, but also of the sheer magnitude of Bob Beamon's record-breaking long jump.

The article also mentions the podium protest by Tommie Smith and John Carlos, givers of the most famous black power salutes in history. There was a recent documentary on the protest and its background (on Channel 4, I think) which pointed out that one of the main things the athletes were protesting against was that the head of the IOC at the time was a racist. And not just any old racist: Avery Brundage was the official who oversaw Hitler's 1936 Berlin games and so pleased the Fuhrer that his building firm was given the contract for the Nazis' new embassy in the USA. It's good that the men's protest is being remembered, even if Brundage's departure (which it helped to precipitate) was followed by the arrival of Antonio Samaranch, a Franco-supporting fascist.


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