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Saturday, October 25, 2008

BBCSSO/Rozhdestvensky: A Child Of Our Time: Usher Hall, Edinburgh 30 August 2008

The final concert (barring the fireworks) of the 2008 festival was given by the BBC Scottosh Symphony Orchestra under Gennadi Rozhdestvensky, with Nicole Cabell, Jane Irwin, John Mark Ainsley and John Tomlinson and the Edinburgh Festival Chorus, in a performace of Michael Tippett's A Child Of Our Time.

A friend of ours in the chorus reckoned they all hated being conducted by Rozhdestvensky, who they found unclear. The choruses were OK in fact, but not the shattering events they should have been, especially the spirituals. Even Go Down Moses was a little lacklustre, though I doubt whether any conductor could completely rob it of its magic. The soloists were all quite exceptional, Jane Irwin and John Tomlinson in particular. But the orchestral colour seemed to be thrown away, and overall it was a workmanlike performamce rather than an inspiring end to the festival.


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