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Monday, October 13, 2008


A rather nice story from the Hindustan Times. One can only wish the couple well. At least they won't have the problems that come from mixed-religion marriage.

While realising that Muslims form the second-largest religious grouping in India, I hadn't realised that there are substantial numbers of Hindus in Pakistan, despite the overtly Islamic nature of that state. Still, there they are, nearly two and a half million of them: a tiny part (around 1.5 %) of the Pakistani population, but equivalent to about half the population of Scotland. To coin a phrase, Holy Cow!

(A poem creeps unbidden to my brain from somewhere long ago. Presumably it was inspired by those grainy newsreel images of Gandhi:

The poor benighted Hindu
He does the best he kindu
He sticks to caste
From first to last
For clothes he makes his skindu.)


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