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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tell me: why is nobody worried about what might happen to Pakistan's real nuclear arsenal when they make so much fuss about Iran's imaginary one?

So Musharraf decided to resign before he could be impeached. Smart move.

Smarter than David Milliband, who in that article is quoted as referring to Muharraf's "commitment to tackle terrorism". Ah: that would be why hundreds of Pakistani residents were kidnapped and sold (cash in hand, no inconvenient questions) to the Americans who wanted "terrorists" with which to fill - and justify - Guantanamo. Also why Osama bin Laden is still evading capture somewhere in Northern Pakistan. And obviously a key way to "root out corruption" is to sack all your independent judges.

Another demonstration that just because the awful Alastair Campbell nicknames someone "Brains" that doesn't mean they possess any.

Craig Murray is equally unimpressed with M&M.


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