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Monday, August 11, 2008

Someone needs to lighten up a bit here

From Saturday's Guardian:

Care home apology after employee dresses to thrill

A care home apologised yesterday after granting a 90-year-old woman her lifelong wish by arranging for her to be served fish and chips by a man wearing only a thong. The elderly woman was given her treat as part of her care home's 'make a wish' initiative in which staff try to make residents' dreams come true, Jim'll Fix It style. An employee at the Woodland House home in St Austell, Cornwall, dutifully donned the undergarment to grant the woman's wish. Tracie North, director of operations and quality for Cornwall Care, which runs the home, apologised and said staff had "overstepped the mark".
Steven Morris

Why apologise for doing something nice for a customer? And more important, to whom did the idiotic Tracie North feel the need to apologise?


At 11 August, 2008 14:42, Blogger Persephone said...

A life-long wish? She's been waiting for ninety years to be served fish 'n' chips by a man in a thong? See, twenty or thirty years ago, at least where I live, she'd get a fellow in flip-flops. It took me ages (and several odd looks) to switch the terminology over). Did they even have thongs ninety years ago?

I agree, though, someone needs to lighten up. Though you have to wonder who made the complaint. Maybe it was the woman herself: "I meant them rubber sandal thingies!"


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