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Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Perfect Ann Coulter

Nice to see the most hateful (in every possible sense of that word) woman on the planet - yes, worse than Melanie Phillips, worse than Cinnamon Stillwell - getting a metaphorical pie on the face from a Jew who doesn't much care for being called imperfect.

How conflicted the Judith Weisses of America (yeah, they come in value six-packs - bigotry and hatred don't need to be costly) must be over AC: on the one hand, a darling of the extreme right who hates liberals and gays so can do no wrong, but on the other hand a strident anti-Semite telling them they're not Aryan enough. In the days when Weiss still bothered to blog she was forever misusing the phrase "cognitive dissonance" (for example here if you have the stomach to read that far, or here; and the clown who now runs her blog for her keeps up the tradition), but her feelings about Coulter? Cognitive dissonance defined. (A: I am a Jew. B: I adore Ann Coulter C: Ann Coulter hates Jews D: Wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Um. Quick. Change the subject. Find a Muslim to abuse.)


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