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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Other Other Hand, The Music Box (Stevenson College), 9 August

You may remember that back in May I attended a performance in Glasgow of The Other Other Hand, a multimedia event involving music (I still think of it as a "happening" but that shows my age) by J Simon van der Walt. Well, the same people put on a series of performances at the Edinburgh Fringe, one of which I attended.

This time there wasn't a gauntlet to be run on the way in of people dressed in period costumes playing antique instruments. The acoustics of the performance space were better, though at the performance I attended the size of audience wasn't (it was admittedly a Saturday matinee: I gather other performances had better houses). The piece itself had developed somewhat since the Glasgow show, with some bits that had outstayed their welcome then (e.g. a briefly amusing euphonium effect with one of the crooks removed) being shortened and others changed (the alto clarinet was now an E flat clarinet). The performers who got to play into the lampshade (kitted out with a microphone attached to some software doing various transformations of the sound) had got more adept at playing with the machinery (and I think the transformations themselves had become more complex). The video segment with the Sibelius gags is still very funny. The whole thing is still a completely whacked-out hour or so of entertainment. Still an interesting response to Parry's patronising view of musical evolution. Still great fun for the performers to play with while the rest of us watch and listen. Still worth a look if it comes to your town.


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