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Friday, August 08, 2008

One Day In The Death of Alexander Solzhenitsyn

On my birthday Alexander Solzhenitsyn died. I've never understood the hero-worship he received in some quarters. I read One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich which I thought one of the worst-written books I'd ever ploughed through, though I had a shot at The Gulag Archipelago a little while later and found that both interesting and well-crafted. But Jings! the guy could whinge at Olympic level even if his writing was dodgy. And while I hadn't paid him much attention since we got shot of him back to Russia, other than to note that he still hadn't stopped complaining (Q: How do you tell which plane Solzhenitsyn is on? A: It keeps on whining after the engines are turned off) I see from Wikipedia that he wrote a delightful little tome blaming the Russian Revolution (and remember, kids, that was ALL BAD) on the Jews.

Even his Nobel prize for literature (and there must be a strong suspicion of political influence in that award) was soiled by his vendetta against fellow-laureate Mikhail Sholokov.

I'm sorry he's dead - he was a character, at least - but I shan't miss him.


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