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Saturday, August 02, 2008

If many hands make light work, do Other Hands make sound work?

You may remember my review of The Other Other Hand by J Simon van der Walt (also incidentally a member of the Naga Mas gamelan). Well, Simon has just posted a link to my review on his blog (details in my review post) and while I was over at his place I discovered that the piece is getting four Edinburgh performances next week, at The Music Box, Stevenson College (0131 535 4840). They are on Thursday 7 August and Friday 8 August at 1915, and on Saturday 9 August at 1315 and 1715. I'm free on the Saturday so might take another crack at it: tickets are £7 (£5 concs).

I just checked again and for some reason (last minute scheduling?) it doesn't appear in the printed Fringe programme or the online one. So not so much Let's Make An Opera, more Let's Build an Audience. Spread the word, EKN readers. Better still, go and see it.


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