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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I thought it was the North Koreans who were supposed to be the axis-of-exil guys

Last Thursday I bought a new car, replacing my 11-year-old Citroen Saxo with a new Hyundai I10. (Hilary normally drives the family car which is a rather more spacious Citroen Picasso.) And very nice it is too: you get a lot of features for very little cost, and so far I've only found a couple of those little irritations that you know will drive you mad over the years. (A really dumb way of stowing the rear headrests when the seats are folded down; and the ease with which you can forget to fold the parcel shelf back down when you've been into the boot.) So, 9/10 to Hyundai.

Then today I read about this, and felt slightly soiled to have been supporting the South Korean economy, especially when it's Hyundai workers in particular coming under attack.

Please sign the online petition. Not just to assuage my conscience, but because it's the right thing to do. You don't have to belong to a trade union to fill it in; nor to know that arresting trade union leaders is not the act of a democratic government.

I look forward to hearing these arrests denounced by George W Bush and by Gordon Brown in the same vigorous terms used by their predecessors Reagan and Thatcher when it was the freedom of Polish trade unionists in Gdansk that was under threat from the government of General Jaruzelski.

What's the Korean for Solidarnosc?


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