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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fan Club - Weird Al Yankovic

At various times in my life I have attempted, often with quite decent success, to come up with alternative parody lyrics for songs. However, when my daughter introduced me to the oeuvre of 'Weird Al' Yankovic, I knew I had been bested, and then some. As Robert Schumann said on hearing Chopin play, "Hats off, gentlemen: a genius!"

Here is the first of his songs she played me - still my own favourite.

And then of course she followed it with this.

Her own favourite is Pretty Fly For A Rabbi.

But he's extremely versatile, as shown by Addicted To Spuds, Like A Surgeon, Ebay, Amish Paradise, Smells Like Nirvana, I Think I'm A Clone Now and Jurassic Park.

He even does sublimely surreal songs like this which as far as I know isn't a parody of anything.

This one seems appropriate for the week my daughter moves out to a shared student flat... As does this one.

Achy Breaky Song is priceless (and I speak as one who not only owns the original but has, God help me, line-danced to it).

Canadian Idiot is great too (sorry Penelope)(whoever you might be...and also Persephone).

How can I not love his Frank Zappa parody Genius In France ? So accurate it hurts, even though it's not based on any single Zappa song . Mind you, having Dweezil Zappa guesting for the opening guitar solo doesn't hurt....

And in my humble opinion it takes a special kind of genius not simply to make a parody of Dire Straits' Money For Nothing, but to do so by combining it with the Beverly Hillbillies theme song. Or to create a Bob Dylan song entirely from palindromes. All of which rhyme. (I didn't even know that many palindromes before I watched the video!)

No wonder artists usually consider it a huge accolade to be "done" by Weird Al.


At 02 August, 2008 15:26, Blogger Persephone said...

Are you kidding? I adore Canadian Idiot! Weird Al has a loyal and affectionate fan base in Canada, and he returns in kind. He's taken some great swipes at Canadian artists such as the Crash Test Dummies and Avril Lavigne. The Dummies were his backup for Headline News (his parody of their hit "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm"), and my current Weird Al favourite is A Complicated Song (his parody of Lavigne's "Complicated"). My favourite parody all around is probably Like a Surgeon (apparently suggested by Madonna herself) and my favourite Weird Al original is One More Minute: "I'm stranded all alone in the Gas Station of Love and I have to use the self-service pump..." (Take that, Abba!)

At 02 August, 2008 15:30, Blogger Persephone said...

Oh...sorry...your comment was addressed to someone named Penelope. Forgive me for butting in. I'm so embarrassed...
(And when I say the Crash Test Dummies sang back-up, it was at an awards ceremony and not on the actual recording.)

At 02 August, 2008 22:59, Blogger Rob said...

Penelope, goddess of poor typists. Who else?

Sorry about that....

At 03 August, 2008 04:49, Blogger Persephone said...

Well, considering all that time she spent unravelling her day's work, she could be the goddess of proof-readers!

At 05 August, 2008 19:59, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog! (haven't heard that one before).

I like the comparisons of Michael Jackson songs and Weird Al - I'm Fat? and Another one rides the bus! (the original is big on the background music play list now, so we sing along with Al's lyrics)


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