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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Call It Freedom

So Osama bin Laden's driver has got five and a half years in prison for "supporting terrorism", which wasn't a crime that even existed when he was first imprisoned. As he's already done just over five years in jail he should, you would think, be released in about five onths, but the Pentagon have announced that they're going to keep him locked up anyway. So what the **** was the point of having the trial at all? I though it was supposed to show that even the "worst of the worst" (most of whom were kidnapped from their homes for money) would get fair trials (OK, with secret evidence and confessions extracted by torture, but with real judges and juries and everything). And it seemed to be working, in that instead of the thirty years the Bush administration wanted for Salim Hamdan, the unfortunate taxi-driver was basically told he could go in a few months. And then they go and spoil it by saying they're going to keep him in a concentration camp forever regardless of the verdict. Jeez, it's the Chinese who should have been protesting at Bush's human rights record when he arrived in Beijing.

I note that when lecturing the Chinese (from the safety of Thailand) on the importance of democratic freedoms Shrub apparently made no criticism of his South Korean buddies, who you may recall were last seen throwing trade unionists in jail. Colour me unsurprised.


At 08 August, 2008 15:45, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Mr. President Bush was hoping for thirty year terms for all of them, or better yet death sentences which he could then commute to life in prison and be seen as the compassionate leader while still keeping them at Gitmo forever (or until the next president lets them out).
I bet the defense attorneys and the jury (all military) can kiss their carreers goodbye.


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