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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Are you sure you wanna hear more?

Answers to the Abba quiz of earlier this month.

1. No respect - On and On and On
2. Nothing I can do - My Love, My Life (guessed by Lisa)
3. Waiting for a call - One Of Us (guessed by Phil)
4. To live is to be free - Another Town, Another Train
5. I'm in no hurry - Take A Chance On Me (jointly guessed by Phil and Lewis)
6. Maybe I should walk right up to her - Angel Eyes (guessed by Lisa))
7. I'm not ashamed - Fernando (guessed by Lewis)
8. The world stood still - When I Kissed the Teacher
9. I don't believe in fairy tales - That's Me
10. I can see you are beginning to care - Why Did It Have To Be Me?
11. A single episode of Dallas - The Day Before You Came (guessed by Phil)
12. Like King Kong - Marionette
13. The sun that follows every rain - Move On
14. The spotlights of the city nights - Tiger (guessed by Lisa)
15. Early this morning I drove in the rain - Happy Hawaii
16. The anguish of humiliation - The Visitors
17. Now and then become entwined - Like An Angel Passing Through My Room
18. The brave new world - Happy New Year
19. All your generous love - When All Is Said And Done
20. I let my feelings take over - I Let the Music Speak
21. Staying alive though the city is dead - Cassandra
22. I'm falling apart - Under Attack
23. Sub luna saltamus - The Piper
24. A thousand butterflies - Andante, Andante (guessed by Lisa)
25. A blown out candle - Chiquitita (guessed by Lisa)

36% guessed, which is fewer than I'd expected, but then it's become clear that identifying phrases is a lot harder than doing whole lines. I'm gobsmacked that nobody got When All Is Said and Done or Under Attack (in the film and stage Mamma Mia! respectively). A little surprised nobody got Why Did It Have To Be Me? (my kids both knocked that off in seconds, and neither of them goes further than greatest hits compilations) or When I Kissed The Teacher. And On and On and On was a hit. Another Town, Another Train was on the vinyl Abba's Greatest Hits which all my friends had when we were students. You may remember the cover, with Benny and Frida snogging on the back, while on the front Bjorn read a paper and Agnetha looked desperate. (To give you some idea of how premature it was, the latest track on it was Fernando.) The rest I will grant were fairly tough, with Happy Hawaii, The Piper, Marionette and Cassandra all somewhat obscure. (I couldn't resist putting in The Piper once I realised it's the only Abba song with a line in Latin; and Cassandra is classic Abba shamefully neglected.)

I shall do another of these some time. Maybe the Beatles, or Paul Simon, or Dylan, or Neil Diamond, or Jarvis Cocker. The most difficult thing actually is ensuring that the phrases set are unique.

Anyway, thanks to all of you who took part.


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