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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

66a Church Road - Traverse, 8 August

Daniel Kitson's one-man show was receiving good reviews when it was still in development before coming to the Fringe. Since arriving here it has had what may be the most consistently excellent reviews I've ever seen for a Fringe production. For example. Or this. Or these two.

What can I possibly add to those encomia? Well, the show is remarkably intimate: it's in the larger of the two Traverse spaces but even so it's like chatting with someone in your living room. It's very moving, not just because Kitson lets you share his own feelings so well, but because it pretty much forces you to look back on all the places where you yourself have lived, and to remember all their quirks. And it's very funny for much of the time, as for example the description of litter from the nearby fast-food places as "parcels of chicken bones left on my doorstep like a kind of ill-mannered voodoo". Or his priceless depiction of someone urinating on his fromt door.

If my examples make 66a Church Road sound less than appealing, let me assure you that (in Kitson's time at least) it wasn't. I know. I've been there, in spirit at least, for a hour and a half.

This one is on until 24 August, so I can urge you to go and see it. It's the best thing I've been to in the 2008 festival so far, and must have a good chance of retaining that title.


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