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Friday, July 18, 2008

Who is the Pharos of them all?

You may have spotted that I'm not a big fan of Prince Charles. His sister, OTOH, has a lot more going for her. Olympic medallist, married to a college acquaintance of mine, hardest-working royal, patron of Save The Children, British rep on the International Olympic Committee, etc etc. And now a new reason to find HRH the Princess Royal rather cool: pharology.

Colour me rather jealous. We have some ace lighthouses in Scotland.

The last of those has a story attached to it. It even appears to have inspired a Doctor Who adventure.


At 21 July, 2008 15:21, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

But, can you get out to visit them? Are they becoming bed and breakfasts like the US ones?

At 24 July, 2008 08:39, Anonymous Alan said...


When you grew up in a town a few short miles from both Highgrove and Gatcombe Park you might have a few different ideas about your royals. Charlie was a bit of a dick, but always took the time to be involved in local life. He even used to chat to my girlfriend at the time who worked in the garage where he got his petrol.

Anne, on the other hand, was vying for the award of snotty bitch of the year and not only would not speak to nasty common people but used to send police motorbikes out to clear the roads before she left her home so that she could drive down the middle of the road in regal glory.

However, I really liked first hubby Mark Phillips, who I once helped out when his horse took fright as a result of an idiot in a sports car, and who always struck me as the most friendly and normal person ever associated with that family.


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