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Friday, July 25, 2008

Saturday 19 July - Lyceum Youth Theatre - Summer On Stage 2008 - The Red Shoes Re-Heeled

Another year, another LYT drama summer school for our stage-struck son. This year he was taking part in The Red Shoes re-Heeled, an updating of Hans Christian Andersen's classic story by Emma Rosoman. Natalie Ibu directed, just before taking up a year's residency at the Royal Court. The kids acted brilliantly: Ruairidh, as Quentin, had the biggest male role (along with the shoemaker) and plenty of scope for comedic moments. The biggest part, though, is Karen, whose lines are distributed among four actresses (five if you count Old Karen). Karen the orphan trying to find her identity and thinking she can do it via the medium of "cool stuff" - possessions, in her case the eponymous footwear. It works up to a point: everyone thinks the shoes are marvellous, but their effect on Karen's personality is less healthy (and damages her attempt to fit in). The shoes bind themselves magically to her feet so they are in control. However, in this version Old Karen, who no longer cares about the downside risk, removes the shoes from her younger self, giving rise to an ambiguous and mostly unresolved ending. But then life's like that.


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