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Friday, July 04, 2008

Nichtmusik, aber jetzt nicht so kleine

Despite all the hassle, I couldn't miss the opportunity to post something tonight. Not to moan that Jamie Murray and Liezel Huber were beaten in the mixed doubles semi-final at Wimbledon. Not even to cheer that the unseeded Laura Robson is through to the girls' final, though cheer I shall (YAY!).

No, today is Eine Kleine Nichtmusik's third birthday! How time flies! A big thank-you to all the regular and irregular visitors who make blogging feel a bit less of an onanistic endeavour, and whose comments add a bit of variety: necessary even for this "wildly eclectic" (thank you, Persephone) blog.

While I'm online, though, the weather this week has been great in spite of the dire forecast. We've had plenty of good walking, been over to Handa, seen thousands of seabirds, a number of seals, some interesting ruins, and so many and such varied wild flowers that even your humble blogger, generally immune to botanical charms especially if there are birds about, was impressed. No whales or dolphins though. Bah!