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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Israel sets us all an example but our wicked media ignore it

One of the big stories this week in the Arab world (though strangely not here in Britain......) was the deliberate shooting in the foot by an IDF soldier of a blindfolded and handcuffed Palestinian prisoner. How heroic. What an example to the rest of us of Israeli "purity of arms"l.

And of course the Israeli authorities treat all such occurrences really seriously.

Meanwhile in the private sector, "settlers" from a terrorist training camp seminary demonstrated their peace-loving nature by smashing and looting a Palestinian village before showing their commitment to Israel by threatening to murder an IDF soldier. Yet somehow they all survived without being shot. How amazing.

And did you notice the reference in that report to the Israeli settler who launched a rocket attack on a Palestinian village? Obviously that never happened, because the whole world knows that it's only the wicked Palestinians who shoot rockets indiscriminately at Israelis, while the pure and moral Israelis only ever murder those who deserve it.

Now let's all watch the likes of Judith Weiss and the other apologists for Israeli terrorism (remember kids, the bombing of the King David Hotel may have killed a lot of people but (a) the oh-so-moral Zionists gave a warning first and (b) the victims weren't Jewish, so who gives a fuck?) falling over themselves to deny that the rocket attack ever happened. After all, if you can cheerfully pretend that 10% of the Nazi Holocaust didn't happen (come on, the Jews who were socialists or gays had it coming, right?) where's the difficulty in sweeping the odd Israeli wannabe mass-murderer under the rug? Hey, Weiss airbrushed Baruch Goldstein out of history: she accused me of an anti-semitic smear - how original! - when I mentioned him on her blog, though of course when I came up with detailed references she went very quiet, which is what Zionists do instead of apologising for their own smears and slander. Well, that and banning their critics from their blogs. (Banned from Kesher Talk, and prouder of it than you could imagine.)

And the only Western sources to carry the story? The UN and the International Solidarity Movement (both denounced as terrorist organisations by Weiss et al). Which tells you all you need to know about the supposed "anti-Israeli bias" of the Western liberal media, wouldn't you say?