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Thursday, July 17, 2008

A grain or two of truth among the chaff

The recent BBC Panorama programme on the use of child labour in the manufacture of clothing by High Street store Primark's suppliers undoubtedly uncovered abuse and hypocrisy. Still, it awoke in me the same nagging, insistent thought that discussion of child labour (or indeed exploitative employment of adults) in the developing world usually does. Then it fell to The Daily Mash, as latter-day court jesters, to think the unthinkable and put the same misgivings online. While making them funny, of course.

But as with mediaeval jesters, the laughter is perhaps a little uncomfortable when they stray too close to the truth for comfort.


At 23 July, 2008 23:34, Blogger Sal said...


there was a rather amusing series on the bbc a little while back, taking a bunch of fashion-conscious brit kids and dropping them into different parts of the Indian clothing-production "food-chain"

lots of predictable tears and fashionable hand-wringing over the INIQUITY of their pay-rates and their lifestyles.

and then they talked to the subjects, rather than opining about them.

each and every single one (with the exception of the cottonpickers) said they were angry with the brits for trying to f*ck up the best job they'd ever had and the first real chance they'd ever had to dig themselves and their family out of the grinding poverty trap they'd been in before.

i'm deeply unhappy about the macro inequalities and the domestic injustices which lead to these people having no better choices.

but i'm deeply angered by the irresponsible arrogance of twonkers living in dreamland coming in, screwing things up by artificially and inappropriately imposing standards utterly dissociated from the realities of a wildly different situation than their fantasies insist, then drifting off back to dreamland.


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