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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Scottish Bali and Iron Pipes: Gamelan Naga Mas at the Kibble Palce, Glasgow Botanic Gardens, Sunday 22 June 2008

Just the kind of musical quirkiness I like: a Glasgow based gamelan (playing instruments bought from Java in 1990 when Glasgow was European City of Culture and now owned by the city council) playing a mixture of traditional Javanese gamelan music and pieces written by their members. One of the members is J Simon van de Walt (remember him?), and they played a piece of his called Running In the Dark. They also performed some collaborative pieces with a Scottish piper called Barnaby Brown (on highland pipes and scottish small pipes). Another cross-cultural excursion, probably the most successful of the evening, was a fusion of Gaelic canntaireachd (which is the system of vocalisation by which highland pipers passed on pipe tunes in oral tradition without the need for pipes) and kecak, which is a Balinese form combining dance movement and rapid interlicking vocalisations. In the Naga Mas version (called Kecakaireachd!) they sat round in a circle doing a kind of demented hand jive while singing out strange syllables in Balinese and Gaelic (the latter specifying a specific pibroch from the 17th century).. Surprisingly, it worked rather well.

Oh, and they did a gamelan version of Marie's Wedding. As you do.


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