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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Let her promise to atone, let her shiver, let her moan, I'll slam the door and let the hellcat FREEZE!

A rather good discussion of the background to Ireland's referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (they in fact voted NO earlier tonight). A pundit interviewed by the BBC suggested there were three ways forward: (1) shred the treaty as now unratified and hence dead; (2) amend it so as to be more acceptable to the Irish electorate (if anyone knows how to do that without alienating the other 25 million or so Europeans); (3) keep presenting the same treaty for ratification until Ireland votes YES. He forgot option (4) fling Ireland out of the EU altogether if it doesn't want to play nicely with others. I don't suppose for a moment that (4) will happen, though given Ireland's position as the EU's biggest beneficiary (at least until the recent enlargement) it would be poetic justice. And the Irish love their poets.

And come on, let's have someone identify my title quotation.


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