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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If 42 is the answer, what was the question again?

So the House of Commons has passed Gordon Brown's pet piece of legislation, the one that will allow the police to lock people up without charge for 42 days. Why he imagines this will enhance his reputation can only be guessed at. After all, imprisonment without trial was such a terrific success against the IRA.....

Following internment a serving officer of the British Marines declared, "It (internment) has, in fact, increased terrorist activity, perhaps boosted IRA recruitment, polarised further the Catholic and Protestant communities and reduced the ranks of the much needed Catholic moderates." (Hamill, D., Pig in the middle: The Army in Northern Ireland, London, Methuen, 1985)

Perhaps our not-so-esteemed leader is hoping that banging up innocent Asians (and does anyone imagine the provision will not be primarily used against the Asian community?) for a mere six weeks will only slightly increase support for terrorism in the future: which the way he's going is unlikely to be his, or NuLabour's, problem. He just doesn't get it: there are thousands of lifelong Labour voters out there who were giving him the benefit of the doubt because they imagined that under Brown the government might rediscover old-fashioned Labour principles and consign the worst excesses of the Blair Nightmare to history. Well, they ken noo, and while they certainly won't be voting for Cameron next ti,me they won't be voting for Brown either. With the boundary changes in our constituency, we now have a decent Labour guy (Nigel Griffiths) as our MP instead of the utter waste of space (Linda Clarke) we suffered for years. I didn't vote for him last time because nothing would persuade me to vote for a party led by Blair, but I had been thinking of voting for him next time. However, like, so many of my fellow Scots, I am beginning to feel that nothing short of independence from the Tory and NuTory (sorry, NuLabour) losers at Westminster will restore any kind of trust in politics.

While I was disappointed that the bill was passed, I was appalled by the smug confession (on the BBC radio news) by several of its NuLabour supporters that they hadn't actually approved of detention for 42 days, but they wanted to send Gordon a signal of their support. Christ almighty: thesesupposedly responsible representatives of the people care so much about the poor dear's troubled perception that nobody loves him (everybody hates him, he's going down the garden to eat worms....) that they are prepared to vote for a measure they don't believe in, involving massive potential violations of human rights, to give him a warm glow. Could these morons not have sent a greetings card, or flowers?

Still, most people reckon the bill has very little chance of passing through the House of Lords. One can only hope......


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