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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Edinburgh Film Festival Monday 23 June 2008 (1) - Stone Of Destiny

My first visit to the film festival this year was with wife and son, to see the new dramatised documentary Stone of Destiny about the theft of the Stone of Scone from Westminster Abbey by Scottish Nationalists in 1950. Starring Charlie Cox, Billy Boyd and Robert Carlyle, the film gives a somewhat rose-tinted (or tartan-tinted) view of a daring adventure which has been the subject of TV documentaries but never before of a film. The soundtrack is defiantly anachronistic, and a few anachronisms sneak through into the film (it's amazing how one gets used to high-budget films with loads of digital post-production): double red lines on Westminster Bridge, modern lighting in the Abbey, a modern-style "bend" sign on a road, two-tone sirens on the police cars (they had bells in 1950). Plus a few less explicable blunders: travelling from Edinburgh to London by train doesn't involve the Glenfinnan viaduct however many engineering works there are; the encounter with the gypsies is clearly filmed in summer rather than January.

But overall I thoroughly enjoyed the film. It's good family entertainment, doesn't take too many liberties with the truth, and showcases some great performances by the cream of Scotland's acting talent. you don't have to be a nationalist, or even a Scot, to feel a thrill at the sheer chutzpah of the theft, while if you are either of those things you'll feel a surge of pride in the thought of a bunch of students sticking it to the very anti-devolution Westminster establishment. Alba gu brath!


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