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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Well done, that man

Sometimes Gordon Brown demonstrates that, actually, he is a good guy to have in charge of one's country. For example, despite statements from senior RAF people that Britain's M73 cluster bombs would be "non-negotiable" at the Dublin talks, it appears that Gordon has agreed to phase them out, and to get rid of all our other cluster munitions immediately. Which is even more impressive when you consider that we were widely seen as the main obstacle to a treaty. Now of course, since "the US, Israel, Russia, China, India and Pakistan are not taking part in the talks" it is clear where the remaining opposition to a ban on indiscriminate slaughter of children comes from.

Then again, in view of the growing energy crisis, not to mention the little matter of global warming, he has just announced that he will be encouraging the use of nuclear energy, including the building of new power stations. Ok, he will have done so to a chorus of "Well, duh!" from anyone who believes that climate change deserves to be taken seriously, but better late than never.


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