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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Things Rob likes to do (apparently)

This is a meme I picked up from little.red.Anna, so before it was a meme it was a herher. (Sorry about that.)

The basic idea is, you type into Google "[insert your name here] likes to" and see what the first ten hits reckon you like. Apparently Rob likes to:

....tan [tan? tan? what is this tan of which you speak? is it a mythical regeneration which happens after the burning and the falling off of skin? I know it not]

....go fast [OK, who was watching me on the M90 on Sunday? own up...but I don't get a buzz from speed in itself. The Russian Air Force used to sell flights on their Mach 3 interceptors (I forget which MiG number) and I suppose being briefly the fastest (or joint fastest - unless the pilot has fallen out) person on the planet might be quite cool]

....draw [nope, not to save my life - though I did briefly do a good line in "Dassa's lellow car", that being a cartoon of our cream-coloured 2CV done for my daughter Vanessa when she was very small]

....smell feet [ewww]

....get his friends drunk [while I like to drink and don't mind getting drunk if it doesn't get inconvenient, why would I pay for other people to get drunk? It's hardly a spectator sport unless you have a rather sick sense of humour]

....play music [now you're talking: yes please, as much as possible]

....rock and roll all night and BBQ on Saturdays [sounds good to me if the music's right and it's a good barbecue, though I'd probably then be too full to rock and roll on Saturday night. Roll, maybe]

....talk about difficult subjects [oooh! oooh! I do that! Or then again, I can get all enthusiastic about Wagner operas, stellar evolution, the St Kilda archipelago, points of common ground among religions, and antique clarinets, to name but a few. How many kinds of nerd are you?]

....lick people [ewww]

....sleep in on Saturdays when he is not volunteering at the Humane Society [I never volunteer at the Humane Society. I do like to sleep on Saturdays though. And other days, given half a chance.]

So: any of my regulars care to take up this challenge?


At 21 May, 2008 21:42, Blogger Persephone said...

I tried both my real name and my "international woman of mystery" name (because I'm that pathetic). One name is evidently a popular one for cats and dogs as I ended up liking to hunt for kibble; inform people when I need to use the potty; kiss people; mess with their heads; and sit on their laps. Under my actual name, I apparently like to "use the nickname 'Mojo' instead" (of what?), and, my personal favourite: "chase voters with a claw hammer". Amongst other things.

At 22 May, 2008 17:09, Blogger Eddie Louise said...

Yep! you got me. Answers on Eds World

At 24 May, 2008 02:14, Blogger Rob said...

Well, Persephone, now we know your real name (which is a nice name). And you chase voters with that hammer all you like: after all, the ones who voted for Boris Johnson as Mayor of London definitely deserve it.

At 24 May, 2008 21:33, Blogger rajm said...

your top ten were all (moderately) decent. Top one for me definitely wasn't!
Might want to abbreviate my name...

At 25 May, 2008 12:15, Blogger King of Scurf said...

Thanks Rob. Through this meme I have discovered a previously unknown desire to be "backdoored" and lashed by trannies.


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