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Friday, May 02, 2008

More from the Middle East's only nuclear-armed theocracy

Next time some Islamophobic tosser in the Daily Mail or wherever starts banging on about how the Saudis won't let people bring in bibles, I shall point them to this story. For some reason the BBC seem to have removed it from their site: how strange. One might almost believe they were trying to bury bad news from Israel. (**)

Still, maybe we should encourage more of the "settlers" to demonstrate to the world the fine calibre of these Israeli exemplars who patriotically volunteer to take advantage of an illegal military occupation by stealing other people's homes, farms and crops (so much easier than all that backbreaking work in the fields). Israelis well enough educated not to be shocked by the discovery that some Christian clerics wear crucifixes have the sense (a) to work for a living (b) to do it in their own country rather than a stolen one.

Of course, if the story had been of a crazy Muslim threatening Christian leaders when they approached an Islamic holy site, the IDF would not have responded with a "what can we do?" shrug but with a hail of bullets. And the story would still be on the BBC's site.

** Update: I finally located the story on the BBC site, though it isn't exactly prominent. It's in the "Northern Ireland" section and entitled No Go for Clerics at Holy Site. As of last night Google wasn't finding it in searches for Israel, Jerusalem or crucifixes, though it's visible on the last of those now. My point remains, though: if the thug who prevented the ministers from visting the site had been a Muslim this story would not have been buried as of purely local NI interest.


At 02 May, 2008 14:13, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

A settler would 'confront' them? So in Israel, individuals get to set national policy on their own without government involvement? I know they do that for some of the settlements (the ones not government sponsored) but didn't realize what power an individual had.

At 03 May, 2008 13:12, Anonymous Colin Davidson said...

Hi Rob,

A blast from the past here - remember Colin from Chad's? How are you and your good wife?

Anyway, I was thinking of Chris the other day and decided to Google and was somewhat surprised by what I found - are you still in touch? I see you still bump into the Coates.

I couldn't find an email link for you on the blog, so I'll leave my gmail, please drop a line or two: colinpdavidson@gmail.com

Cheers, Colin


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