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Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm not here. Apparently.

Why does the post I've just done show up as published on my list of posts when I go into the "Manage Posts" bit of Blogger, but fail to appear when I view the blog?

****ing B**gger.

And yes, I've checked that it hasn't had the wrong date attached to it.

I expect this post, too, will vanish into limbo....


At 18 May, 2008 09:46, Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I've had this delay thing come up and ended up posting the same blog about 5 times. You're okay here though: just the one showing and I can see you just fine!


At 18 May, 2008 10:18, Blogger Rob said...

I actually posted it as a fault on the Blogger forum, and was encouragaed to see that someone else was reporting essentially thr same symptoms (they'd tried stuff with FTP that didn't work as opposed to my Blogger search which did). Maybe someone will fix it now....

...aye, right. (Quoth the IT support person who knows about priorities and budgets.)

Anyway, now I'll push on with that backlog.


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