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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Duncan Donuts and his Paisley Scarf

This story would be funny if it didn't make me feel queasy. America, a land where wearing the wrong colour of scarf gets you compared to a terrorist by gutter journalists like Michelle Malkin. And of course where being in possession of a backpack and a Koran gets you reported to the police by another of the same: Cinnamon Stillwell, local enforcer for Campus Watch (tirelessly keeping U.S. universities safe from independent thought and degenerate un-Americanism). I'm pleased to report that the San Francisco police appeared to be as embarrassed as the rest of us by the crazed racist.

Of course, our own Melanie Phillips valiantly flies the flag for British rug-chewers, with outbursts such as

It was the champagne socialist intelligentsia which destroyed the traditional family, demonised men, incentivised mass fatherlessness and declared never-married motherhood an inalienable human right, emptied education of content and cut off the escape routes out of disadvantage by withering the grammar schools, declared morality to be a dirty word, paralysed the police through political correctness, enslaved the poor through dependency on the state and then finally destroyed their brains by telling them to eat cannabis cake while themselves showing the way by snorting cocaine on the Square Mile or in recording studios, or getting legless on Crackdaddy cocktails at Boujis nightclub.

enlivening her Spectator column. Sometimes, like Cinnamon, she rails against the lack of Phillips-approved thought in our universities. Sometimes she trots out old and thoroughly debunked lies in the hope that she will scare gullible and vulnerable parents into withholding vaccination from their children.

When not writing for the Spectator Mad Mel returns to her vomit, so to speak, at the Daily Mail, brilliantly described this week in the Daily Mash blog.

Michelle; Cinnamon; Melanie. Now there is a combination of infections crying out for a triple vaccine. A communality not unlike the Graeae of Greek myth, though in the modern case it's a single brain-cell they share among themselves, eye and tooth having long ago deserted them.


At 02 June, 2008 15:38, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

More disturbing than the Cinamon post about the backpack guy were the comments. Wow.

At 02 June, 2008 18:43, Blogger Rob said...

Aren't they just peachy? Mind you. a few years ago Cinnamon came up with the notion of Sudden Jihad Syndrome, which was what she called it whenever someone who seemed likely to be a Muslim committed any violent act. One of the best was a Muslim taxi-driver who suffered a racial attack by two white guys, managed to drive away, then came back and ran one of them over. OK, no points for sound judgement but you can see what his motivation was, and Jihad had nothing to do with it. But when I commented to that effect on Cinnamon's blog I was submerged in a flood of "But he's a Muslim, what other motivation could there possibly be?" comments, many of them playing down the racial assault as irrelevant or some kind of smokescreen. You know, because this guy was OBVIOUSLY just driving around waiting to find white people to run over, and there are so few of those in the USA.....

At 02 June, 2008 18:49, Blogger Rob said...

Actually, I did her an injustice by ascribing any kind of originality to Ms Stillwell. I was the even more loathsome Daniel Pipes who coined the term.

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