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Sunday, April 27, 2008

They might as well have asked about Iceland nuking Burkina Faso

So when Hillary Clinton was asked what she'd do as President if Iran launched a nuclear attack on Israel, she said she would "obliterate" it. How gutsy. How macho.

What a pity that nobody seems to have asked the obvious follow-up, which is what she'd do in the infinitely more probable event of Israel's launching a nuclear attack on Iran. After all, Israel has nuclear weapons; Iran doesn't. Israel has a history of attacking other countries; Iran hasn't. (Or not since.....noooo....please don't tell me Hillary is basing her foreign policy on 300. Yup, Hil, you don't even need to hold onto your weapon to take down these wussy Persians. Just pose near it.)

It would be wonderful to think that with that razor-sharp mind and keen sense of fair play she would instantly have responded with a threat to nuke Israel to slag. Get real, people. How many votes does she get from America's Iranian community? Israel could melt Tehran and all its inhabitants to a glowing puddle of glass, then send the entire Knesset to piss on it, without attracting a single word of condemnation from Mrs C. (Or, probably, Mr O. And certainly not from Mr McC.) But it would have been nice if even one reporter had asked that obvious supplementary.

No wonder they make it so difficult for foreign journalists to get into the USA. The domestic pussycat must be protected from threats.

Canada: get ready for another influx of immigration.


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