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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One nation under water

I received a link to an Amnesty International video today, which shows waterboarding. Though in fact it shows only the mildest possible form of waterboarding, as you will know if you read this piece which I linked a couple of months back.

And will any of the US Presidential candidates stop their country's illegal use of torture? Fat chance of that, I suspect.


At 23 April, 2008 08:28, Blogger Chip said...

I fail to understand why they feel it's necessary. Studies show it doesn't really provide reliable information (the informant will say anything to stop the torture). Even those who have been tortured (McCain) and say they are against torture, hold back this card.

What is wrong with the leaders of the US? Why is their morality different than the rest of us - and why do we stand for it?

I realise it is necessary to have a different outlook on life to even consider being President - but still, do your morals towards other humans have to be sacrificed?

At 23 April, 2008 15:10, Anonymous JoeInVegas said...

Sorry, but waterboarding is NOT torture. So says George W.

Doesn't the rest of the world get it? We are under attack here, and must defend ourselves with whatever is necessary. (ha)


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