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Monday, April 28, 2008

Take A Letter

A meme from Phil:

Autocomplete blog meme. Simple procedure: type each letter of the alphabet in the address bar (one at a time, obviously) and see which blog comes up first. The result should be a map of your personal blogosphere, or at least those bits of it you’ve visited recently.

Like Phil, I have excluded letters where no blogs came up. Unlike him, I have allowed ones where I accessed just one post (letters P and S here). I find I sometimes end up revisiting blogs like that in the future.

OK, here we go.

A Aaronovitch Watch
B Vix's page at The Breast Files. This is the lady about whom I posted a few years ago after a happy evening (at a trade union event where we were both delegates) spent talking about 1960s music and how much we loathed Tony Blair. This site isn't the charity one I mentioned there, but it's fairly harmless (NSFW though!).
E Eine Kleine Nichtmusik (fortunately)
G The Gaping Silence (ditto)
I Islamophobia Watch
J Jews Sans Frontieres
N Neil Clark
P Photoshop Disasters
R Rachel From North London
S Strange Stuff

Anyone else want a go?