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Friday, April 11, 2008

I don't suppose the Nazis were too pleased by the comparison either

So let's get this straight. The Israeli government can dehumanise the Palestinians, calling them vermin and cockroaches. It can steal their land and ethnically cleanse them from it to settle its own people. It can torture and murder them. It can visit collective punishment on whole villages in retaliation for any attacks on Israelis. It can herd Palestinians into ghettos and starve them. It can run Israel for the sole benefit of one (raciall- selected) part of its population. Finally, one of its ministers can threaten Gaza with a "Holocaust".

And somehow the United Nations, which must be bitterly regretting having oversen the creation of Israel in the first place, and whose resolutions attempting to interest successive Israeli admistrations in peace rather than ethnic cleansing have been treated with amused contempt - the UN are supposed not to notice any of this? Apparently so. So now human rights investigators join nuclear inspectors on the regime's list of undesirables. Who next?

Sometimes it's difficult to escape the suspicion that the Israeli government is just taking the piss: behaving deliberately outrageously and daring the rest of the world to show a little spine. After all, if Saddam could be deposed and executed for having embarrassed George Bush's dad, surely a spot of regime change could be organised to bring democracy to this racist theocracy? Complicit cowards like Bush, Blair and Brown won't do it, but I live in hope that some day someone will.

More comment on the story at Jews Sans Frontieres.


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