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Sunday, March 09, 2008

A strong early contender for Twit of the Year 2008

I loved this story from the Guardian last week. I'm always amazed by people who are so totally unable to distinguish symbol from reality that they imagine that money itself, as a universal repository of value, is in some way a bad thing, and that a return to a barter society has anything to offer mankind at all. Let's face it, when I want to buy a box of clarinet reeds for my wife if I wish to do so without money then I need to find someone with a supply of Vandoren #3 reeds who happens to require an IBM mainframe program designed, tested or debugged. There aren't too many such people. Of course, such minor concerns are unlikely to stand in the way of someone who imagines, in best insular English upper-class-twit manner, that he can get to India by SPEAKING ENGLISH VERY LOUDLY to Johnny Foreigner.

I loved Boyle's bemusement at the French public's misunderstanding of his lofty goal. "The idea was to ask people if I could help them and in exchange receive food and a place to stay. But they thought I was begging." Um, yes, Mark, they would.


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