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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sauce for the Goose

While reading Mad Mel's outpouring of bile against the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, I followed this link which she helpfully provided. It has some simple but effective guidelines for countering the omnipresent pro-Israel bias in the UK media and especially the BBC. For example:

Proof of simple but intelligent action: ‘A member of the public who had supported MPAC was watching the BBC News, at 10am he saw a BBC news 24 report about the conflict where it claimed ‘100 people’ had ‘died’ in the invasion. Having been trained by MPACUK, he picked the phone up and called the BBC. He then made an official complaint saying that the BBC, should stop using the word ‘people’ since it was not the Israelis who were being killed it’s the Palestinians, so they should tell the British public the facts and mention they were Palestinians, and also stop saying they ‘died, since they had not died due to a disease – they were killed.’ By the 11am news – the words ‘100 Palestinians have been killed’ was featured. That is what MPACUK means by ‘Intelligent Action’. 10 Million People watch BBC News 24 every day

MPACUK Intelligent Action ALERT– Call the Media

Please call the following channels and demand they feature the Gaza tradgedy and true extent of its brutality on the news. Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. If you see ay pro Israel bias call them immediately. The Israeli side is doing just that. Also get a reference number for your call, so you know the operator has taken it down. Keep up to date with this campaign on our website www.mpacuk.org or write in with your own comments and let thousands of Muslims read them – we now get ten million hits a month.

BBC News 24: 02086249022
SKY News: 02077053232
Guardian: 02072782332
Mail: 02079386000
Mirror: 02072933000

There can be no doubt that it was a similar campaign by Zionists that led to the BBC's ridiculous twisting and turning over the Israeli threat of a "Holocaust". Good to see the other side getting itself organised.


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